Water Powered Car?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the water powered car, a water-burning hybrid vehicle that supposedly runs on water alone. Believers who claim that this theory that would save gasoline, help the environment, and eliminate reasons for wars over oil have proof that it works. A Japanese company currently has a water powered car and van that is ready to sell. Films of this car driving around the city in Japan can be seen on the Internet. This car can run on any water – even on tea as well as river water, sea water, or rain water. There is an energy generator under the hood that takes hydrogen from the water that is poured into the converter. Hydrogen electrons are then released that power the car. This company claims that one liter of water will keep the car running for a whole hour.

The theory of a water powered car is not new with this Japanese car. In fact, a man from the United States ran a dune buggy on water alone in 1998. His car supposedly got 100 miles per gallon of water, which is about five times the amount that most cars can go from a gallon of gasoline. The man died a few years later, and some claim that he was killed to stop his water powered car invention from taking over the oil business in the world. Others say that he died from natural causes.

Doubters, or those with conservative viewpoints on whether or not a car can actually save money by using water for gasoline, do not usually deny that it can be done. Their problem with the water powered car is usually that the theory of thermodynamics says that energy is actually lost through separating the hydrogen from the oxygen in water. They claim that the same amount of energy is needed to separate the molecules of water as the amount of hydrogen that results from the process so it is not really energy saving at all. These conservative thinkers also point out that the cars that have been proven to run on water alone use the car’s electrical system to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen, and that this takes as much energy as the amount produced from the resulting hydrogen. Another factor that they say must be considered is the fact that the experiments that have been successful have been done under carefully controlled laboratory conditions.

If anyone would like to try using water to power their car, there are many converter kits available online that can be purchased for a rather small price. A water converter kit is supposedly safe for the car, and it does not negate the car’s warranty since it is completely reversible. Proponents of water powered cars say that water will enable a car’s engine to last much longer than if it were powered with gasoline which can clog up the pistons, valves, and other engine parts. Water converter kits can be installed on almost every car, and some companies claim that a car owner can save as much as $2,000 or more per year on energy for their vehicle. Hydrogen gas is too powerful to be kept in tanks, so it appears that there will not be hydrogen gas stations replacing the gasoline stations of today.

There is so much controversy surrounding the theory of water powered cars that a Filipino inventor who was 82 years old was imprisoned for 20 years on charges of fraud when his claim that he could make a car run on water did not occur. Others around the world are working on a way to reduce the use of oil and the use of fossil fuels that scientists say are damaging the environment.

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