Car Battery Sizes

Car Battery Sizes

You may think that all batteries are the same size or to put it another way, when it comes to car batteries … “one size fits all.” That is definitely not the case. And, if you take a moment to think about it, you’ll quickly realize why batteries do come in different sizes. Consider …

A big, luxury 8-cylinder sedan is different from a small, two-seat compact car. They are both different from the SUV you see on city streets and highways. And that SUV is, of course, different from the countless pickup trucks many people drive today.

These differences are manifested in the components that one finds under the hood. Obviously, a big and heavy pickup truck needs a larger battery than a 4-cylinder compact vehicle. The same is true for all of the many other types of cars and trucks that are on America’s highways these days.

However, while different vehicles require different size batteries, all vehicles tend to use the same type of battery … it is a standard 12 volt or 6 cell battery that powers virtually all American and/or foreign-made autos.

Of course, it’s critically important – make that absolutely essential – to install the right battery in your car. Put in the wrong battery (when replacing an old battery, for example) and it could result in immediate problems for you; problems that land your vehicle in the repair shop and set you back hundreds of dollars, perhaps even more money than that.

So … how can you know what battery is right for your vehicle? To begin, there are dozens of different sizes available, several different manufacturers that make the batteries, as well. And, while there are “standard” sizes, they may be referred to differently by one manufacturer or another.

You need to make absolutely certain that the battery you choose is the correct one. And there are ways for you to avoid making a serious mistake. You can visit a local auto parts store and ask for help from an in-store salesman or you can go online and easily find information about the appropriate battery for your specific vehicle. You will even be able to find information that tells you how to install a battery yourself.

In fact, you can buy a battery online and have it shipped to you … you’ll save money if you do it. And you’ll enjoy the feeling of having done something “mechanical” by yourself. Or if you prefer, you can go to your local service station and have a mechanic install a battery for you. But, remember … that will cost you considerably more money than if you install a new battery yourself.

Whether you install a battery yourself or have a mechanic install it for you, one thing will remain constant. You need to know – in advance – the right battery size for your vehicle. There are lots and lots of different sizes and if you select the wrong size, you will almost certainly end up back in the repair shop … spending even more money to get your car, SUV or truck fixed and back on the road.

There is no substitute for knowledge and information. Be smart … do your homework before you buy a new battery.

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