Car Battery Chargers

Car Battery Chargers

Have you ever experienced the distress and anxiety that instantly occurs when your car won’t start because your battery appears to be “dead?” It’s a terrible feeling, of course, and often leaves a driver stranded in the “middle of nowhere” or at least far, far from home.

When that happens, you need to get help from the nearest service station (generally they have to come to you) and that costs money … often lots and lots of money. Consider it an expensive lesson, especially if you learn from it so that “history doesn’t repeat itself.”

Of course, if you’re careful and conscientious about your car – and especially about its battery – you won’t run into the annoying and expensive problem noted above. That’s because you’ll conduct proper maintenance, keep the battery clean and charged so that it never lets you down.

The battery is one of the most important components you have in your car. If it runs properly, you’ll be able to start your car and drive it – every time. So … it makes darn good sense to keep your battery charged and in good shape. When you charge your battery, you are, in effect, putting energy into a cell in the battery – or recharging it – so that an electric current can surge through it, make it work … and allow you to start your car and drive it.

Here is something you may not know. There are several types of batteries charges that most drivers currently use. Here a listing of just a few battery charging methods:

  • Simple Battery Charger … this is a common battery type that allows the constant flow of direct current to your battery, a fact that enables it to charge or recharge itself and stay viable.
  • Trickle Battery Charger … the trickle format for charging your battery is less common than the one previously mentioned … and much slower. Electrical current surges through the battery in a slow, but methodical, way that ultimately results in your battery being fully charged and ready to serve you.
  • Intelligent Battery Charger … this battery charging method differs from the other two because it has the ability to “determine the battery’s voltage, temperature and the time being charged” in order to provide the optimum current required at any given moment in the process.
  • Timer-Based Battery Charger … this is still yet another format for charging and maintaining the battery in your car. It charges the battery for a predetermined amount of time … a period which should be sufficient (if done right) to get your battery fully charged and completely operational.

Of course, there are other Battery Charging methods available, as well. These include: the Fast Method … the Pulse Method … the Inductive Method … and many, many more.

The method you choose to charge your battery is strictly up to you. But, make sure you DO charge your battery, keep it clean, well-maintained ….  And always ready to serve you. You, and your car, need a battery that works – all of the time.

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