Car Battery Care

Car Battery Care … It’s Necessary and it’s Easy to Do

If you drive a car, and just about everybody does, you already know how important the battery is … it enables you to start your vehicle and use it every day. There are other components that are also important, but none that are more important.

A well-maintained and properly-working battery will allow you to rely on your car every time you need it. So, given its importance, it stands to reason that a smart driver will take the steps necessary to provide appropriate care and maintenance so that the battery that powers his or her car doesn’t stop working.

It really is easy to care for your car’s battery, especially since most modern automobile batteries are virtually maintenance-free. That means there is very little you need to do to keep it functional and operational. But, there are some basic steps that you can take which will serve you well. For example, if you really want to extend the useful life of your car’s battery, do all of the following …

(1) Personally check your battery every six months … simply lift the hood, remove the tray and clean it (if cleaning is needed)… check for corrosion … remove the battery itself … check it for problems … replace any corroded parts you find … and restore the tray and battery to their correct position in your car. It may sound like a lot of work – it’s not. And it is easier than you think to remove the tray and battery and then put them back. If you think you may not be able to do it properly, go online for detailed information on how to handle this simple procedure. And remember: if you do this check-up periodically, you stand a very good chance of extending the life of your battery and avoiding car breakdowns.

(2) Check the brackets that hold your battery in place – periodically …it sounds obvious and logical, I know – but many people forget to do it. And it’s an important troubleshooting step. You need to look carefully for corrosion and, if you find any, eliminate it. The brackets may also need tightening and the entire housing may need to be cleaned. Take these steps – from time to time – and your battery will continue to serve you well.

(3) Recharge your battery … when indicated. The Battery has an indicator that will tell you when a charge is needed. There are different types of charges available, some more expensive than others. One of the less expensive Charging formats is called The Trickle Charge. It works slowly and can recharge your battery overnight, while you sleep, and have no need to use your car.

Follow these simple steps, which you need only do periodically, and you will virtually assure that your battery works well and reliably, keeps your car running and lets you avoid the annoyance and disruption of a car breakdown. Let’s face it. The car – your car – is a great convenience … when it’s working properly.

Make sure you can rely on your car when you need it. Provide proper care for your battery.

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